Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
This is Logan Butterfield, President of the Kappa SIgma Fraternity. During my usually study hours I enjoy occasionally browsing through The Observer, reading well written articles about student life and campus indevores posted by our smart and intelligent reporters. But…The article, “Conventional Greek life missing at CWU”, was poorly written and very much un-informed of the presence of greek life here at CWU. Furthermore, there was no mention of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity,a national fraternity with over 20,000 members, which has been a part of CWU’s Greek life since November 13, 2010. The article itself is hacked together and includes no comments or interviews from any of the Greek Systems, stated or otherwise not mentioned, in this opinionated article. Greek life on campus is very different than what students and administration imagine Greek life to be like. The Kappa Sigma Fraternity and other Greek organizations here at CWU work very hard to promote individual improvement and community service, donating hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours of service to many non-profit organizations all over the nation. Never the less, I appreciate The Observers interests with Greek Systems and I am personally excited to hear more about what Greek life can bring to CWU’s community, campus, and students.

-Logan Butterfield