Emerald City Comicon draws Central students

Photo courtesy of Dan Chavez


BY Maria Harr

Staff Reporter


Fans gathered from all over the United States to enjoy the special guests, events and generally nerdy vibe of Emerald City Comic Con held in Seattle this past March.

The convention housed hundreds of people over the weekend of March 28-30. Some dressed up in elaborate costumes, parroting their favorite characters, while others showed their fandom through T-shirts, games and signed comics.

Daniel Chavez, junior education major, took advantage of spring break to attend the convention.

“I wanted to explore more of the comic book world,” Chavez said.

Chavez was introduced to comics through a friend of his who has already graduated from Central. The comic Saga, published by Image Comics, sealed the deal for Chavez, and he started reading comics in earnest. Chavez met some of the authors and illustrators for “Adventure Time” and “Star Wars” comics and found a new comic to read called “Rust.”

Chavez only went on Saturday this year, but he said he would like to go for two days next time, which is something he suggests for others as well.

“Don’t take it too seriously,” Chavez said. “If you act like you’re better than it and cooler than it you’re going to have a shitty time.”

Joanne Kirckof, theatre performance senior, attended all three days of the convention with her boyfriend. Kirckof said her boyfriend wanted to go, being more into comics, while she’s more a fan of anime.

“It’s always interesting going to a comic convention instead of an anime convention,” Kirckof said. “[There’s a] different energy.”

At ECCC, Kirckof got an autograph from “Arrow” star Steven Amell and saw a live performance of the hit podcast “Welcome to Night Vale.” Kirckof also got to see the movie “Dredd” for the first time, with a special Q&A session beforehand with actor Karl Urban.

Kirckof also participated in one of the most colorful sights at the fan convention: cosplay. Kirckof had a different costume for each day, cosplaying as Applejack from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” Black Canary from DC Comics and a female version of “Iron Man.”

Alexa Watts, senior social work major, was excited to see the special attire when she went to ECCC.

“I like watching people in their costumes,” Watts said. Kirckof recognized a cosplayer she has seen on Pinterest and saw the judge from the show “Heroes of Cosplay,” Yaya Han.

Watts was also excited to see Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard, actors from “Supernatural.” Watts and her sister got a picture with both actors, which she plans to hang up later.


Aside from all the costumes, celebrities and panels, Watts felt like ECCC was a good bonding experience with her sister. The overall  environment of the convention was a good one for Watts.

“I was allowed to be a nerd,” Watts said. “Some of my friends don’t get any


thing that comes out of my mouth.”

Watts would like to go to ECCC again, and both she and Chavez suggest that first time convention-goers attend at least two days.

“I just didn’t feel like one day was enough,” Chavez said.