420 in the ‘Burg

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Photo Illustration by Jamie Winter

BY Camille Borodey

Orientation Editor

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 20, which is known as the weed holiday. This Sunday will be the second 4/20 since weed was legalized in Colorado and Washington State. With the changes in laws, many Ellensburg residents could be trading in their colored eggs for colored bongs this Easter Sunday.

According to Business Insider, Colorado expects to bring in $100 million in revenue this year. Washington is not quite up to pace, as recreational sale of marijuana will not begin until June.

“I’m really disappointed in the state and how they got it to form,” Izaak Fukuyama, volunteer at the House of Haze, said.

Kittitas County has had some issues with marijuana. In Cle Elum, the Greener Frontier Collective has been ordered by Kittitas Superior Court to cease all marijuana-related activity. Additionally, The Kittitas Reclamation District has been prohibited from providing water to marijuana farms.

The issues in Kittitas County have not stopped the House of Haze owners and employees from big plans for their business on 4/20. Along with a DJ, the House of Haze will also be hosting a raffle where prizes will be awarded for first and second place.

Derek Cockrum, owner of House of Haze, finds it ridiculous that marijuana sales are so controversial in this country.

“There’s people going down everywhere over a plant,” Cockrum said.

Although TJ McDonald, who owned House of Haze back when it was called The Lounge, ran a successful business, the new owners have updated the location. The new owners have added new TV’s, connected to Netflix. They have also added more flavors of sheesha.

“It’s like Baskin Robbins,” Cockrum said. “We’ve got over 31 flavors.”

Fukuyama enjoys smoking, going for hikes and bike rides.

“I think weed just brings people together,” Fukuyama said. “When I meet someone new, it’s just customary for me to offer them a bowl of weed and smoke with them.”