Letter from the editor 1/25

Katherine Camarata, Lead Editor

Greetings CWU,

As the clouds start to part and make way for some rays, remember to be kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself allows space for vulnerability, which was one theme on my mind while writing my opinion piece about overcoming grief on pg. 8. Being open and honest builds confidence and trust with yourself and in relationships, which is important in our personal lives as well as in the field of journalism. 

This week is National News Literacy Week, and the News Literacy Project published statistics showing that only 26% of American adults polled last year said they trusted most news most of the time, a significant decline from an all-time high of 72% in the 1970s post-Watergate scandal. We want to hear what our readers think: do you trust the news you are reading? What types of news sources are reputable to you, and how do you determine this? Send a letter to [email protected] to weigh in. There are resources available to develop news literacy at Newslit.org for those who wish to improve their reading accuracy.

Tell people around you that you love them and be well,

Katherine Camarata

Lead Editor