Majors in Minutes helps undecided students find a path


Photo by Caitlin Bassett.

Zaire Eltayeb, Staff Reporter

CWU recently hosted Majors in Minutes, a major exploration fair, on Nov. 3 to help bring awareness to all the majors the university has to offer.

Majors in Minutes was a requirement for the first-year general education course University 101 this year, and included academic advisors for undecided majors and student representatives for the different majors offered on campus. 

Kipp Marsicano, an academic advisor at CWU for undecided students, spoke about the importance of Majors in Minutes. 

“The prime goal for us here is to increase peer to peer connection,” Marsicano said. “Students really enjoy connecting with other students and hearing about their experiences. They can see themselves in other students.”

Marsicano expressed her excitement for the new major convention and how having student representatives truly made the event more student friendly. 

One of the many majors presented at the convention was the Actuarial Science Major. Maddi Everson, a senior in the program, shared her experience with getting connected to the program. 

“A representative from Central came to my high school and was talking about it,” Everson said. “At the time I was considering accounting, but I wanted something more challenging.” 

Dustin Bishop, another senior in the program, also spoke about why he thinks a majors fair is helpful to have on campus. 

“A lot of people do not know about Actuarial Science, that is what major fairs are good for,” Bishop said. “They educate people on everything that Central has to offer.”

Bishop shared his experience with first-year students struggling to find a good fit on campus. 

“A whole bunch of freshmen do not know what they want to do in life,” Bishop said. “This allows them to put their feet in the water and figure out what they want to do by looking at all the majors here. ”