Q & A with ASCWU President Luis Reyes


ASCWU President Luis Reyes. Photo courtesy of Luis Reyes

What inspired you to get involved with student government?

Those who came before me were huge inspirations. Much of my involvement within the university was ignited by peers like me who wanted to see positive change on campus. Alejandra Cruz-Martinez, who was our previous director of student life and facilities, was a long-time friend since high school and she always made sure to take me under her wing and see my growth within leadership. She taught me a lot which I could never pay her back for. Following in her footsteps was an excellent second-best. 

What are your main goals as President?

My main goals as President are ever evolving. As a student body. We face many obstacles which are unforeseen. The pandemic could be a great example of that. But for now, my hopes are to continue my initiatives on campus in terms of making sure students have access to resources, opportunities, and basic needs that will allow them to succeed. 

What impact do you hope your work has on the student body?

I hope that my efforts someday have a positive impact on those currently here and may also inspire others to get involved. As I was inspired by those before me in my role. I hope that I can do the same for others. My goal has been to elevate student voices, and I hope that I can continue that work. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten?

Seeing into the future is hard, especially since I have enjoyed living in the now for a long while. Although my hopes are to work within a field that will allow me to give back to my alma maters and others.