Munch Madness arrives in Ellensburg and brings in almost 14,000 pounds of food

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By Sarah Ruiz, Online Editor

While March Madness was underway, so was a local food drive known as Munch Madness.The food drive was run by the local FISH food bank, organized by Morning Rotary. In total, the event collected 13,918 pounds of food for the local food bank.

FISH food bank is located in Ellensburg off 2nd Ave., and provides food and community for those in need. Roger McCune, the director of FISH, encouraged people in need to take advantage of the services offered.

“[We are] able to have students access the food bank,” McCune said. “[Students] are invited, don’t feel like outsiders.”

With so much food coming in from the Munch Madness fundraiser, the ability to help those in need will continue, even though this is a season when the food bank often sees a dip in donations. Their donations often peak during the holidays, and McCune said this recent food drive had come just in time to help them stock up for their grocery services.

Most food drives aim to raise 200 to 500 pounds of food. However the goal for Munch Madness had been 6,000 pounds.

“I just thought the amount of food blew our minds. We set a goal of 6,000  [pounds] and we’re over 13, 000,” Morning Rotary Member Heather Burfeind said.

With the amount of food now available, the bank is looking to increase access to the bank by those in need. McCune understands that for many, the hardest step is going to the bank to ask for help. He also strives to provide a community that people can become a part of.

Undeclared sophomore Beatrice Wambui believes that students don’t seek help because those in need either are embarrassed to ask, or are unaware of the services. Wambui’s family had used food bank services in her hometown before, so she is aware of the help services like FISH can provide.

Although the food bank is well-equipped, McCune still feels that there are people within the community that do not reach out for help. He believes what holds students back is their belief that they will not qualify for help.


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Munch Madness arrives in Ellensburg and brings in almost 14,000 pounds of food