Senior Goodbyes: It’s been a great four years. Thank you, CWU!


Crystal Clausen, Online Editor

As a business major who doesn’t like writing, you may ask yourself “What is she doing in The Observer?” Well, to tell you the truth, I asked myself that question a lot my first quarter on staff. I felt out of place in a group full of journalists and struggled to connect with the other editorial staff members through Zoom.

Once we were back in person though everything changed. I felt so valued by the team and was no longer an outcast who only worked behind the scenes. The Observer pushed me out of my comfort zone during times that I felt so much imposter syndrome, but each experience became more rewarding than the last. However, The Observer is only one part of my journey at CWU.

During my time here I have been a part of four different clubs becoming president and secretary of two of them and had an amazing job in my field of study that has opened so many doors of opportunity for me.

Without being involved in all these extracurricular activities, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to run two professional conferences, be nominated for Student Employee of the Year, or be awarded the Outstanding Business Analytics Student of the Year award.

I’ve thrown myself into these activities for the duration of my education and while I do wish I had had more “normal” college experiences, I look back on my time here and I am proud.

I am proud to be graduating Summa Cum Laude. I am proud to be graduating after two years in an uncertain pandemic. I am proud to be graduating with my bachelors in Business Administration and I am proud to be graduating as my authentic self.