Senior Goodbyes: Catch you later!


Libby Williams, News Editor

Coming to Central four years ago as an 18-year-old with hardly any hobbies or solid life goals, I decided to say yes to everything. A job at campus activities? Sounds great. Joining a college improv team? Sounds ridiculous. Let’s do it. Changing my major to journalism to pursue writing, and ending up one of the news editors at The Observer? Sign me up. 

I’m the first to acknowledge that trying to stay perpetually busy left me frequently riding the struggle bus to sleep deprivation town, population: the entire student body. (I realize I’m preaching to the choir). 

Despite the late nights and a cry or two in a hammock (COLLEGE!!!), I’m grateful I jumped in head first. I have had experiences high school Libby only dreamed of. I helped put on events. I danced on stage as Dr. Frank N’ Furter in… less clothing than I’d typically leave the house in. I interviewed people and helped tell their stories. And most importantly, I met the people that will be with me for years to come. 

So, will I continue saying yes to everything? Signs point to probably not. I’m tired. And that’s okay. Take pride in saying no, kids!

And what’s next for this 22-year-old with a couple of hobbies and less solid life goals than when I started? First, a week-long nap. Again, I emphasize, I’m tired. And then, who knows? No, seriously, does anyone know? I’m begging you, please help me. I’m freaking out. 

I’ve learned a lot in these four years, academically, about myself, about others. I think I’ve learned how to learn, too. (Wow, deep.) I hope I can continue learning, whether that’s through more schooling or through living. (Seriously, introspective much? Pack it up, Williams.)

So while I’m maybe done saying yes to everything, I think I’ll say yes to not knowing and being a little freaked out by it. Fear is healthy… right??

To conclude. Life is crazy. Be nice to people. Catch you later.