Scene: CWU gaming clubs host weekend of gaming


Gamers Enjoying Each Others Company  (G.E.E.C.) is hosting  Three Days of Gaming this weekend in the SURC.

According to G.E.E.C. Vice President Frank Reding, senior history major, the club started the event four years ago in spirit of the Winter Een Mas, a holiday that is dedicated to gamers that started in the Ctrl+Alt+Del comic strips.

“It’s all about having new people come in and have fun,” Club Treasurer Grace Lindsley, junior English major, said.

Three days of gaming brings G.E.E.C. and Central Gaming Initiative (CGI)together. Although the event will have mostly board and table top games, there will also be some video games. There will be a “Super Smash Brothers” station, with some “Street Fighter” or “Divekick” rotating through.

Lindsley says many people will bring their laptops.

“There is usually a lot of Minecraft and League of Legends,” Lindsley said.

Three Days of Gaming is open to everyone who wants to join. There is no set time to be there, and there is no need to be a member of any club.

Lindsley says the atmosphere is very energized and can get loud. There is usually music playing during the event.

Lindsley’s advice to anyone going to the event is to be social.

“There is nothing wrong with walking up and talking to anyone,” Lindsley said.

There will be many board games available, and participants are free to bring their own games.

There will also be a schedule of the games that take a long time.

One of those games include “Twilight Imperium.” G.E.E.C. President Brian James describes the game as a crazy, space themed version of Risk.

The event has eight straight hours scheduled for “Twilight Imperium.” It is Reding’s favorite game of all time, and he has played it about 40 times. Reding will be leading the game during the event and will be happy to answer any questions about it.

The longest game scheduled is “democracy, which has 12 hours scheduled. The members of the club said they might not finish the game in that time, and many of the members have never seen the game completed. The members of the club will make sure everyone understands they can be betrayed during the game.

Another type of game the group wants to get more people involved with is what they call “one-shots.” A one-shot is a role-playing game, similar to Dungeons and Dragons; however all of the characters are pre-made, and it is just one adventure.

Most of the “one-shots” that the group has scheduled during the event are humorous. A popular one amongst the group is “Kobolds ate my Baby” where players are Kobolds, which are little, stupid goblin like creatures. The story follows a hungry king who sends the players to steal a baby for him to eat.

Another popular one-shot that will be played is called “Everyone is John,” where the game master is “John,ww” and everyone playing is a voice inside of his head.

According to Lindsley, the event will be an exciting weekend of gaming that could not have been planned for a better time.

“It’s good timing to release some finals stress,” Lindsley said, adding that G.E.E.C. would love to introduce many new people to gaming, outside of video games, during the event.