Brevin Ross, Photographer

NAME: Kyrsten S.. Jr. Geology
ANSWER: Last weekend I went on a field trip for volcanology. It was down in Oregon and we got to see some volcanoes.
NAME: Justin W. Jr. Biology
ANSWER: Marching band for sure. It was fun being apart of a large group and playing for the football team.
NAME: William W. So.
ANSWER: Probably making the honor roll after nearly having to drop out. Turning my grade around!
NAME: Gilbert L. So. Exercise Science
ANSWER: They were doing capture the flag and I was on my way to the gym. I joined and ended up stealing the flag and I won it for the whole team. It was awesome, I got a shirt and it was like the best moment ever.
NAME: Brandon W. Grad. Supply Chain Management
ANSWER: Probably going to events like Africa night held by CASA and then Polyfest held by Poly central.