NCAA Football 14 has the best and most immersive real life football experience in video games

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Chase Beyer, Columnist

All football fans who have interest in gaming are seeking the same thing: the best experience of real life simulation football. NCAA Football 14, a game released in July 2013, takes the cake for the best overall experience of real life simulation football. 

NCAA Football 14 was released nearly a decade ago, and it still offers the best overall franchise experience for the player. Over many years of playing football video games ranging from Backyard Football on the Gameboy, to Mobile app games, to Madden on Xbox Series X, I have played them all. 

NCAA Football 14 allows you the option to create a coach and take over a team of your choice. The teams range from the power houses such as Alabama, Texas A&M and Florida, all the way down to the nobodies, in Akron, Rice and Washington State University. You load into a franchise that allows you to control the roster, play in games and recruit the future prospects of your team in a long, realistic and immersive scouting process. 

My personal favorite, and a favorite of a lot of members in the NCAA Football 14 community too, is the road to glory approach to the franchise. In this approach, you take a one-star team and turn them into a powerhouse dynasty of a football program. 

While growing the team and program, you also develop as a coach and can provide bonuses to scouting or bonuses and added features to the in-game experience through the coaching tree. The difficult thing is that a player can leave after three years by going to the NFL Draft, or could stay as long as five years, but they can play a maximum of four years. So it puts a huge precedent on the scouting experience. 

In the scouting experience, the game auto-generates thousands of prospects every year, with different names, different attributes, different skills and qualities. You can filter through players based on their interest in the team the player has taken over or by the qualities the user looks for in a prospect such as weight, height, skills, talent levels and even what state they are from.

A user can put up to 35 prospects on their watch board at a time and can remove and add players at any point during the season. What makes the scouting experience unique is that you have 5,000 scouting points to spend every week. These scouting points are placed onto players the user has interest in and has to be used wisely. The scouting experience is a numbers game and has to be managed every single week to consistently bring prospects to a commitment to the program. 

Additionally, one of the most fulfilling moments is playing games with all of the prospects that the user scouted over the years and seeing them get drafted into the NFL. While also dealing with the real difficulties of real life football, dealing with injuries and even offering the user to redshirt players and track features like the Heisman watch, top 25 rankings, recruitment class rankings, coaching carousel in the offseason, transfer players, program prestige rankings and so many other features that makes this game as immersive as it is.

NCAA Football 14 offers a never-ending experience to real life simulation football of an authentic replica to what it would really be like taking over as a coach for a college football team; a dream for many of the users playing the game.