Scene: Movie Review: Snow on Tha Bluff

BY SPENCER BAKER, Staff Reporter

“Snow on tha Bluff” is the most exciting and “real” documentary I have seen in a long time.

The movie follows Curtis Snow, a real life drug dealer, in a part of Atlanta that people call “the bluff.”

Most of the movie is Snow and his crew standing outside their apartments talking about whose drugs and money they’re going to steal next.

Once you get past the cryptic English that the crew uses, and all of the horrible things that Snow is doing, you can’t help but to think to your self, “I really like this Snow guy.”

The camera work in this movie is not great because it is one of Snow’s crew members following him around.

Soon after Snow robs his first victims of all of their money and drugs, Snow goes to see his baby momma to give her some money for their child.

Snow seems to have a good relationship with his baby’s mama. During the conversation they have together, you see that this is not the only child she has. She is standing outside with about five other kids including Snow’s.

I surely hope that Snow’s baby mamma is running a day care, although I don’t believe that she is.

Chris Knittel, the producer of this movie, marketed it in a whole new way: Knittel would put clips of the movie on VHS tapes and put them around town covered in dirt and blood for people to find. These tapes had no markings or back-stories attached to them.

Knittel would also send these envelopes, with no return address, to police offices and government officials. He called this “Operation Stir Up Shit” and that is exactly what it did.

After the movie came out Snow survived an attack from a man with a box cutter. Snow was also featured in T.I’s music video. Guicci Mane referenced Snow in one of his songs and Killer Mike released a song named after the movie.

The biggest rapper to say something about the movie is B.O.B. He said that his “F*** Em We Ball” mixtape is based on this movie.

On the surface, this movie seems just like a shoot em’ up gangbang flick, but really once you watch it, you realize that it is not these peoples’ choices to live in these situations.

My favorite quote from the movie is “either you gonna be the one doin’ it, or it gonna get done to yo ass.”

“Snow on Tha Bluff” is deeper then one may think and has a very strong social message about living in these tough neighborhoods and that not everyone that lives there is a scary psychopath.

Overall, I highly suggest watching this movie. You will not be disappointed.