Brevin Ross, Photographer

Name: Jason G. So., Social Services
Answer: The changing weather, I always like when it warms up and I’m able to go to the park and go to the beach or to the lake and really just go hiking and spend more time outside
Name: Mason S. Jr., Film
Answer: I like the warm weather, I’m from the west side so it’s uh really rainy and cold over there so I like having the sun out and being able to walk around in a t-shirt
Name: Kela E. Fr., Aviation
Answer: I definitely like the change in the plants, like the flowers, like how it is more vibrant and the trees get their leaves back instead of just being bare-bones. Also, the warmer weather.
Name: Lillian P. So., Health Education
Answer: I guess the weather probably
Name: Mackenna T. Jr., Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising
Answer: The beautiful sunshine makes my day