88.1 the ‘Burg wins three awards from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System

Evan Couch, News Editor

CWU’s 88.1 the ‘Burg was named Best College Radio Station in the Nation by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS). As part of the IBS’s 82nd annual conference which nominates and awards college and high school media outlets, 88.1 the ‘Burg took home multiple awards alongside Best College Radio Station. Other awards include Best Phone App for 88.1 the Burg-Apple App and Most Creative/Innovative Show for Electropolis. 

88.1 the ‘Burg was one of seven universities with 10,000 or more students up for the Best College Station award. According to CWU News, the award is won based on samples created by nominated radio stations and submitted to the IBS. The goal of the samples is to highlight and showcase everything the radio stations have to offer.

The sample sent by 88.1 the ‘Burg was enough to bring home the big prize. 

88.1 the ‘Burg was also nominated for other awards such as Best Website, Best Sports Talk program, Best Underwriting Spot and Best Live Music Broadcast. 

This is not the first time that 88.1 the ‘Burg has won Best College Radio Station. CWU’s radio station won the award back in 2015 and has been nominated by the IBS every year since, making an appearance as a finalist last year. 

Founded in 1940, the IBS is a non-profit organization that has memberships with over one thousand non-profit, education-affiliated radio stations and webcasters. Every year, IBS nominates numerous college and high school media outlets for various awards. Some awards include media outlets’ use of YouTube, blogs, websites and other media functions.