Pregnancy is the best and most terrifying thing in the world

Courtesy of Pexels

Courtesy of Pexels

Tapanga Krause, Columnist

From the shock of an unplanned pregnancy followed by the overwhelming joy to the morning sickness, pregnancy is the best, but it’s also the most terrifying thing in the world. When that cheap drugstore pregnancy came back positive last December, I was surprised, but the shock didn’t set in until the more expensive drugstore pregnancy test with the electronic reader came back positive.

The nine-letter word stared up at me and my heart exploded, yet sunk at the same time. A billion thoughts began rushing through my mind as I made my way, test in hand, to deliver the news to my fiancé. That’s when the shock hit me like a weight I haven’t felt in years, I sank to my knees as a mix of happy and scared tears poured down my cheeks. I started to wonder what this next chapter of my life had in store for me. 

The Good Side of Pregnancy

According to Wendy Wisner’s article “20 Surprising Perks of Pregnancy,” one of the few perks of pregnancy include feeling your baby move, reminders of what matters most in life and one of the most intimate experiences you’ll ever have. Wisner said that there is nothing more amazing than the first time you feel your baby move. 

It’s something that never really gets old because, it’s a reminder that you’re carrying this tiny person inside of you. It makes all the aches and pains of pregnancy worth it. Pregnancy is also a good time to think about what really matters in life. It’s not a job promotion or paying that parking ticket, although you should pay that ticket. It’s about the people you love. 

I’ve had a lot of time to think about my life. The way I grew up, the plans I have and the people I surround myself with. I know that this baby is going to be loved by everyone in my life, of course, no one more than me. But I also agree with Wisner when she says that pregnancy is one of the most intimate experiences a woman will ever have. 

The sheer thought of growing a tiny person inside your body is an amazing thought. This is usually when a woman’s unwavering love and protection of their child begins to blossom. And I’m definitely one of them. I still get so overwhelmed by the love that I already have in my heart for this person that I have yet to meet.

The Terrifying Side of Pregnancy

In her article “The Truth About Pregnancy” Rachel Holmes discusses her experience with pregnancy. It was shocking because she had this notion of how good it would be.

“I would be a glowing earth-mother-type, floating around cornfields in a tent-sized dress and smiling beatifically,” she said. 

The first trimester is described as the worst, mainly because of the morning sickness that women are presented with. It’s not just in the morning, the nausea sticks around all day. For me, this was the worst part of the first trimester. I could never really seem to get rid of the ever-present pit in my stomach. It made it very difficult to put food into my stomach. What’s even worse is, according to my OBGYN, Dr. Casey; not having food in your stomach makes nausea 10 times worse. 

Stephanie Watson with her article “I Hated Being Pregnant: Here’s How I Got Through It” further proves how bad pregnancy is. To help with nausea she tried ginger and seasickness bracelets, but they didn’t help her much. And the exhaustion didn’t help much either.  

The most terrifying thought for me is the fact that I am bringing my child into a world that is full of pain and unjust situations. Not to mention, I didn’t have the best mother figure growing up. So, the thought of becoming her is a scary thought.

At the end of the day, I know that I am trying my best. That is all I can do. 

Pregnancy is different for everyone, but no matter the circumstance, it’s still the most amazing gift to be given.