Ethel: Oh, me first today? Sweet. Well, I’ll start off by saying I have bad luck when it comes to finding the most reliable people. I end up not trusting anyone to follow through with their work, so I make backup plans with backup plans to the original backup plan if you catch my drift. I may have a few traumatic experiences to back that particular fear up.

Edith: I’ve always had experiences where if somebody was unreliable, it showed right from the start. They barely cough up their contact information for you, then don’t respond to messages and do the work the week, if not day, the project is due. I can’t think of a time somebody fooled me on this, can you, Ethel?

Ethel: Mmm, nope, can’t think of a one.

Edith: I do also notice who refuses to put in effort for discussion boards, as that is an individual assignment you can decide how much energy you want to use. If they have short, vague sentences that truly have no point to them, I wouldn’t think they would be reliable for a project. Granted we all despise discussion boards, they still are part of the grade.

Ethel: I feel this one isn’t as cut and dry as your last point, though. I personally have a terrible time doing discussion boards, so I either don’t do them or don’t make as much effort as I would in a larger project or assignment. Well, and you know how reliable I am Edith. Call me and I’m there. I think discussion boards will have to be a rant for another day, I could go on and on about that topic.

Edith: Okay true, sometimes talking into the void for a discussion board doesn’t always turn out great, no matter what you do. But their actions in class and through various assignments can speak volumes for their motivation, and usually if somebody has low motivation across the board, they might not be good for a group.

Ethel: Now, that I can get behind. Let’s be honest, everyone hates group projects anyway. But I would have to concede that they are great ways to learn how to work in teams, which is important in the professional world, unfortunately. 

Edith: Well Timmy, I flat out suggest to see how they are during class, and if that isn’t enough, you could work with the person and speak up to the professor if the person refuses to do any work. Being honest with the professor that you did the work can make your grade be true. Good luck!