Edith: Why is he having you stop your education for something he did? Even then, why didn’t he suggest other alternatives?

Ethel: DON’T DO IT. Don’t you do it! Newborns sleep and eat all day. Take online classes while the kid is an infant, and utilize the university’s childcare once the kid starts being more active and you’re unable to concentrate on classes. 

Edith: I personally could never have a child while in college, this is already a lot for me. So, hats off to you for doing this! I don’t have any experience with children, but a great support system is definitely necessary. The childcare definitely sounds like a good plan.

Ethel: My experience with fathers hasn’t been the greatest, so my advice is going to be shaded by that. Are there men capable of being a great stay-at-home dad? Of course there are, I personally know a couple. But I have to say, experience has told me this is unfortunately “not the norm.” Edith, stop me before I start a rant!

Edith: We get it, Ethel, you’re a wicked cool single mom. You don’t need to rely on others, unlike me. I’m the child in this situation since I can never do anything on my own.

Ethel: Oh, Edith, sure you can, you’re here and thriving aren’t you? Anyway, I feel the need to emphasize that not all situations and people are the same. 

Edith: The basis of what I need to say, is to please just be alert of your situation. Plan ahead if you can, and even then, plan three other plans because that one may fail. I would push for you to continue your education, though – you’re already paying to be here!

Ethel: Look, So Pregnant, all I’m saying is you already don’t trust him to follow through with his promise if you are asking us if you should trust him. I think you already know the answer to your question, and you’re either hoping someone will help you fool yourself by saying “yes, trust him!” or that someone will give you validation in your suspicions.