January Recreation Center attendance rises as students set New Year’s resolutions


Courtesy of Alex Lee

Evan Couch, Staff Reporter

The winter quarter brought new students to the Recreation Center who are looking to better their fitness, as well as regulars, who are seeking to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. 

Senior Krystal Bui has been going to the Recreation Center consistently throughout her time at CWU, but now is trying out different areas and workouts in the facility as part of her New Year’s resolution. 

“I’m doing more free weights,” Bui said. “Before the new year, I was always kind of nervous to try the free weights because everyone who does it knows what they are doing.” 

Bui said she has been educating herself on what workouts to do and how to do them in order to feel more comfortable when training.

Bui explained that the atmosphere the Recreation Center provides makes for a comfortable experience for those who may be new.

“Everyone here is pretty welcoming,” Bui said. “Everyone has their own little space, so if you’re new, you can just do what you feel is comfortable.”

Freshmen Anthony Martinez and Weylin Selander started coming to the Recreation Center together at the beginning of the quarter. Their new routine is not a resolution however, just a way to stay in shape. 

“Before this, I would just workout in my room by myself,” Martinez said. “I came here to do it with a friend, and I get to use cool machines instead of just doing pushups.” 

Selander explained that he had been coming prior to the new quarter, but now has some personal goals in mind.

“I didn’t really like the way I looked before,” Selander explained. “I wasn’t proud of it, so it’s a new commitment and I want to follow through.”

Goals and resolutions like these are what bring students into the Recreation Center this time of year.  

According to Recreation Staff Director Matthew Boyer, the Recreation Center has a typical increase of students at the beginning of the winter quarter as they go in to use the many amenities they offer. 

“We generally do see an increase in participation,” Boyer said. “A lot of that is due to New Year’s resolutions.” 

According to Boyer, the Recreation Center had 5,098 visitors during the week of Jan. 9 to Jan. 15. Boyer also said due to the weather at the beginning of the quarter, usage was down from its typical January numbers. However, staff records indicate a 20% increase in use on average from fall to winter quarter every year.

“The weather outside is horrible,” Boyer said. “You can’t do much outside, so it drives people inside to workout.” 

With the increase of usage, Boyer said they see a boom in all areas of the Recreation Center.

“It’s all over the place,” Boyer said. “People freely move from floor one to floor two … so they flow everywhere.”

Boyer explained that it’s their goal to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable no matter where students are with their fitness goals. 

“We want everyone to be moving,” Boyer said. “To do that, we know that everyone is in a different place in their fitness pursuits.”

The Recreation Center offers many different ways for students to stay active no matter where they are in their fitness goals. They offer personal trainers, community fitness classes, intramural sports and online training courses to suit every student’s fitness needs.