Edith: Fight him. That isn’t my real answer, but just a thought. I hate when people can’t pick up hints that I’m not interested. Like, is me only saying one word every time you ask me a question, not a hint?

Ethel: Ghost him. I can’t even say that’s not my real answer, because I would just drop him like a rock. I have a terrible time with confrontation, so, I would just deflect and avoid, deflect and avoid.

Edith: You could be serious about it and nip it right in the bud. Or, you could just weird them out so much they want to leave you alone. Like, full on barking at them. I mean literal barking. I’ve done it before!

Ethel: Oh, like that lady in that one video who just screeches at catcallers like a pterodactyl! Yes, queen, do that. Other than that, I mean, you could always get a hex from your friendly neighborhood witch.

Edith: Technically you could hex them yourself if you were trained enough. But I mean, besides showing straight up discomfort and them not picking up on it, why even associate with them anymore? Step away from them and let them slowly realize they were just being too much for you.

Ethel: I agree, I think that’s our best advice honestly. The amount of chaos in our other bits of advice may be too much for some people, so if that’s your cup of tea, go for it. But I feel you really want to gauge the personality of this guy too, and that will help guide you.

Edith: You’re already juggling school, probably a job or two and a social life. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings because you don’t want to be in an uncomfortable position anymore.

Ethel: So, Fed Up, if he won’t listen to your words, start letting your actions speak for you.