Edith: I mean, I’m supposed to graduate this summer and… I have no idea. I have a panic attack first, then it gives that clarity to sit and think sometimes.

Ethel: I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as figuring your life out. You think you have it figured out and then, BOOM, something happens to sidetrack your entire life. And just when you think it’s all fine, and everything is back on track, it happens again. And again. And again. 

Edith: I mean, a basic outline of what you want to do would be the best thing you can do right now. I currently have a plan to come back to school, but I’m not sure whether it will be a bachelor’s degree in another field, or a master’s in my current field. From there, I’m hoping to plan for having a part-time job during this to save up to move out and find a full-time job after graduating again. This will be my time to save up for the future!

Ethel: Basic plans are good, but also, be ready to change your plan. My life plan has changed at least five times. Always remember, it’s okay to change your mind and find a new path. It doesn’t make it wrong or strange, people do it all the time. 

Edith: By the time we read this question and now, I have gone through multiple possibilities as to what I can do once I graduate. And I mean multiple. I was reconsidering what degree I come back for, if I should come back at all, should I stop and get a job with this degree or continue and get a job in the realm of the other degree. So many options.

Ethel: I feel a bit fortunate right now if I’m being honest. Since I’ve been at CWU, I’ve known what I want to do with my degrees. Like, “no back up plan” known what I want to do with my degrees. If that plan goes sideways, I guess I’ll have to figure out my life again.

Edith: So, you know what? Just go with what feels right. I suggest prioritizing your mental health, even if that means changing moving or work plans last second.