Edith: Well, this one is going to be so fun to discuss! I can’t wait! I would like to have fun with this one, but I should also be a little serious at least. Maybe.

Ethel: Seriousness is for the birds. I’m snarky and not apologetic about it. 

Edith: My personal philosophy is that if you liked one before the other, go with the second one. You wouldn’t be doubting your devotion to the first if you truly liked them. Answer some questions – what made you like both of them? Does one favor you more than the other? Make a pros and cons list, stalk them!

Ethel: Yeah, okay, don’t do that, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal. I personally have never had this problem, so this sounds like a terrible time to me. Why not just choose neither? Or both?

Edith: Not everybody is as open to polyamorous relationships like us, Ethel. They may not want both.

Ethel: Missing out. But it’s not for everyone I guess. I think one of the main things to ask yourself will be which person’s personality and quirks will work best with yours. Compatibility will be a huge factor in the longevity of the relationship. 

Edith: For sure! My partner matches my chaotic energy, and I am here for it. However, he has a part of him that knows when chaotic is too chaotic and will slow it down. I also motivate him through any tough situations, since he tends to brush things off a little too often.

Ethel: I have terrible luck with partners, mainly because I haven’t kept compatibility in mind. So it really is a huge factor, and I really recommend looking into it. Also, it’s important to realize that whomever you choose you will have some regret. 

Edith: I would think you’d feel regret for having to even choose. It’s obvious you care for both, so whatever you do, make sure you trust your gut and be safe!

Ethel: So, we hope we helped, Indecisive. Whatever you decide, we’re sure you’ll make the right decision for you.