Edith: I… don’t have many friends. Let’s start out with that. What advice I do give is either something that worked in the past or something that I imagine works.

Ethel: As an ornery and cantankerous old bat, I feel like I’m really the wrong person to ask. I have few pleasures left in this world, and meeting new people is not one of those pleasures. 

Edith: Ethel is vibing. On her own. And that’s okay. I honestly think reaching out through classes and any student jobs you have would be a great start. I do have friends I made, but they’re almost all coworkers or classmates that have had to work with me. Is it because they’re forced to be nice to me daily? Maybe. But, here we are.

Ethel: Okay, okay. Since Edith is giving advice on this, I must have my say. The best way I’ve met people on campus is by being a part of a student organization. Being part of the Observer family, I’ve met some amazing people that I would do many things for. 

Edith: Or, alternatively, just continue to pester the people around you until they give you their Snapchat. I’m sure that works. Pushing friendship on people is such a cool thing to do!

Ethel: Okay, I wouldn’t do THAT. But I would do other things. Maybe, put out an ad on Craigslist? I’ve heard of people using Tinder to trick people into friendship? Okay, I wouldn’t do those things either, honestly.

Edith: You can get people’s Snapchats through class and work, however please don’t expect them to reply. I have a stickler who has sent me at least a message every two days. Since the school year started. It killed any motivation to even say hi to them – let people respond on their own time.

Ethel: I hope this helps Lonely and Searching. Just do your best to get out there and say hi! After plenty of weird looks and some side-eye, I’m sure someone will want to hang out. After all, everyone is always looking for a new friend.