We need to communicate more, even if it’s uncomfortable.


Courtesy of mashupcorner.com

Chuck Dickson, Staff Reporter

How many times have you tried to get a hold of your group members, only to be met with silence? How often have you tried to check in with your friends only to have them ignore you? How many times have you crafted a loving text or video message and sent it to someone, only to have them not open it or even worse, see it and not respond to it?

My friends, we need to start communicating more or at the very least give some form of response to those who try to contact us. Granted, not every text or snap or video NEEDS a response, such as a friend singing or a TikTok of your grandma playing with her dog. 

But if your friend is trying to see if you can make it to her party on Sunday, send your RSVP. Don’t ignore the people in your life or put them off.

Opening communication even allows for mistakes to be corrected. Whether you became friends with the wrong person, accidentally knocked over your sister-in-law’s cake at her wedding, or broke the heart of a person you never wanted to, hopefully you are able to convey your feelings and not be ignored. 

I’m not saying all acts should be forgiven, but by communicating with each other, at least the possibility of resolution becomes available.

Sometimes even being direct is helpful. If you do not want to date someone anymore, if you cannot stand the dress your friend wears, or if you do not know how to tell someone their grandmother has passed, you are ultimately better off just being blunt. 

Yes, there will be pain and possibly anger, but it’s better than the alternative where people wallow in discomfort or uncertainty all because you cannot muster the courage to speak to them.

I will say, I do not encourage being overbearing in your communication. While I encourage people to be receptive, you can only send so many messages or call so many times without a direct response. Ultimately, you have to accept the possibility that you may not get any resolution or comfort, but you have at least tried as much as you can.