Edith: Considering I have zero information on stats or anything smart in general, this is probably more of a question for Ethel this week. 

Ethel: Easy! Throw the stats off the bridge instead.

Edith: I’m assuming stats is a topic that constantly has heavy homework, and takes more than the two brain cells I possess to understand?

Ethel: To be honest, I had a hard time with statistics. I had to watch lectures on repeat, and thankfully was able to watch them while I was doing open note tests. I just really recommend walking away from the work when it starts getting frustrating and coming back to it in a half hour to an hour. 

Edith: I would go about this the same way I approach any difficult work. 

Ethel: Which is what, not do it?

Edith: Cry. Just kidding, I would do my best to space the work out throughout my day so I don’t get overwhelmed, or I would do it all at once. Per our first column, I suggested doing everything in a Red Bull powered work session.

Ethel: If you’d like to avoid a caffeine induced heart attack, you can also check out Khan Academy online. It’s available for all grade levels and higher education levels and includes extra lessons and practice for math, science, economics and test prep, such as LSAT and MCAT, among other categories.

Edith: You can do the work session without pumping yourself full of straight caffeine, but that’s the only way I get through it. I’m here for a good time, not a long time. But I would suggest studying and finding what study techniques appeal to you. I enjoy taking colorful notes and I find writing everything that I want to remember down makes it stick better in my little brain.

Ethel: I also enjoy colorful notes. I don’t ever go back to them again, but it’s fun writing things down in different colors because it makes me feel like I’m procrastinating when I’m really not. #ProcrastinationNation

Edith: Trying out different studying techniques is the best advice I could give. We gotta go, Ethel. I’m embarrassed that I’m uneducated.

Ethel: I agree, let’s leave it at this. Best of luck Overworked and Overstressed!