Edith: I struggle with this. Too much. To the point it is unhealthy. BUT, I do have advice I can give even though I rarely follow it myself.

Ethel: What do you mean, “hOw dO i rEgIsTeR fOr cLaSsEs?” How did you register for fall quarter??? Do the same thing you did then. I don’t understand the problem.

Edith: On a serious note, I would balance out required classes with their difficulty levels. I look up what classes are available for my requirements and can be taken that quarter, then I look up professor reviews and compare workloads. Ain’t no way I’m going to take three difficult classes at once.

Ethel: Ooo good point Edith. Also, just hop on the student dashboard and check your appointment time and add classes to your shopping cart. Set a reminder and when it goes off, go in and finish enrollment. 

Edith: I missed out on more classes than I should’ve due to not registering until a week before classes started. I’m just too busy being a bad bitch.

Ethel: Good lord Edith. You’re never going to graduate at this rate.

Edith: See, even though I’m a full time Boss Babe(™), I also care about my classes and actually graduating. I have spent too much time on this Earth in these classrooms to not have that fancy piece of paper.

Ethel: Well, you might want to set a timer for your enrollment appointment this round then Edith. Pull it together. 

Edith: Maybe. Probably not. So anyways, in short, my advice is to just balance class workloads and to be responsible about when you register, like Ethel said. Taking three work-heavy classes, paired with work or family, could give you enough stress to put you in the hospital like my back pain puts me in the hospital weekly.

Ethel: So, Cookie Monster, bottom line is to just make sure to get it done.