Edith: Hello! I’m the younger auntie that will be a part of this column.

Ethel: And I’m the auntie older than the hills. 

Edith: And we’re hosting Edith and Ethel! This will be a weekly advice column where we talk to anybody about anything they want advice on. This is advice coming from two different age points, where you can get two different perspectives on it. Will it be wildly different advice or similar advice?

Ethel: We’ll find out every week! Who knows, it might not be advice at all. We are pretty crotchety.

Edith: And we have a lot of back pain.

Ethel: So, obviously, there will be some sass, because we just have very little cares left to give. 

Edith: We both have different upbringings, with me moving a lot when I was younger and living on the reservation and Ethel doing who-knows-what. My insight will come from these times, while hers will come from her vast experience with nonsense. 

Ethel: Hey now, I don’t know about “vast.” I have my fair share, but for the most part my insight comes from being an old bat who has varied experiences in life, like being raised by a single mom and raising my share of kids and, let’s face it, a couple adults too.

Edith: Either way, we’re here for you all! We can provide insight on any topic, so please send us your questions! We want to give advice rather than ranting into the void. She’s definitely heard more than enough from me ever since we met, and I’ve heard just about enough from her.

Ethel: So now, we’d like to share our ranting, I mean advice, with all of you. So please, give us the pleasure of helping us help you.

Edith: Ethel, you probably shouldn’t claim we’ll help them…

Ethel: Yeah, you’re probably right. But if you want to hear some advice from a couple of old aunties, we would love to impart our wisdom to you.