Intramural sports regains in-person activities

Andrew Prouse, Staff Reporter

The Recreation Center has revived its in-person intramural sports component, but it might look a bit different than it did before 2020.

Intramural sports are where members of the CWU community, such as students, staff and faculty, play against each other in various events, challenges, leagues and tournaments.

Senior Coordinator for Sport and Youth Programs Samantha Wary said some of the sports have changed while others have stayed the same. There are no additional COVID-19 restrictions or protocols on intramural sports, rather participants will only need to follow CWU protocols, according to Wary. 

Not all intramural sports have returned but there are quite a few available, according to Wary.

“(There is) six on six soccer, volleyball and self officiated badminton,” Wary said. “Three on three basketball and a climbing league and those are our traditional sports. That is what is currently available this quarter.”

Wary went on to say there are also esports offered as part of intramural sports. This includes Rocket League, Apex Legends, Super Smash Brothers, Madden NFL and Call Of Duty. 

Next quarter will see a return of more intramural sports students may have played before.

 “We will be having regular basketball, dodgeball and indoor soccer,” Wary said. “There will also be pickleball and badminton as well as mini esports tournaments every other Friday. This provides a variety of events for students to participate in.”

Wary said on Oct. 28 there will be an event called “Shivers and Quivers” where students come dressed in costume and play archery tag. Wary said the recreation department wants these events to be fun and unique one-off events.

“We also do some special events through intramurals,” Wary said. “We are trying to do some kind of special event every quarter.” 

For students who wish to register for intramural sports or look to get involved in other sports, there is a new system for doing this. Everything is now integrated directly into your student profile ( with CWU.  

“Whatever is available based on your membership, it will automatically sort that for you,” Wary said about the new online system. 

The system also has a new approach to gender specific sports when necessary. 

“You will be able to play wherever you identify, so the system will only show you sports you are eligible to participate in based on (gender identity),” Wary said. “If we have gender specifics we never have to question that. It’s just wherever you are comfortable playing.” 

Wary continued to say that the feedback from students on the new online system has already been very positive. This system has also replaced the traditional IM league system.

As for the future of intramural sports, sports will be rotated so the same things are not always available. Flag football will be returning for spring quarter. Feedback is always encouraged and what is available can always be changed based on what students want to play.