Stephanie Davison, Staff Reporter

Name: Hunter Danz, So., Business Administration
ANSWER: I like being able to meet people again. I like the community feel.
Name: Jasmine Cottam, Sr., Communications
ANSWER: I feel great. I’m an extrovert. There’s no awkwardness like I experienced on Zoom.
Name: William Kourkos, So., Undeclared
ANSWER: I’m excited to do in-person learning again because I do better.
Name: Jessica Dankberg, So., Film
ANSWER: I enjoy it because last year was lonely. It’s nice to see people.
Name: Hannah Weatherby, Sr., Elementary Education
ANSWER: I’m very excited that classes are back in person, and I feel like a lot of other students are excited as well. A lot of us learn better in person, as opposed to online.