CWU’s Hubs Reopen for Fall Quarter


Libby Williams, Scene Editor

CWU’s campus is home to plenty of study and hang-out hubs for students. However, after a year of almost exclusively online learning, many new and returning students might not know about these locations and the services they provide.

Erin Sulla is the first year and transfer experience librarian at Brooks Library.

“(I) work with first years and with transfers and new students, and students who have been away from school for a while. It’s a demographic that’s really important to Central, and just making sure there’s somebody who’s there for them … to support them through every step,” said Sulla.

Sulla said Brooks Library is an excellent on-campus location to study, attend events, visit with friends and much more.

“On the first floor, we have the learning commons, previously known as the academic success center. There’s a lot of collaborative work that goes on down there, and a lot of concentrated help for students who need help on specific projects,” Sulla said. “The second floor has a variety of collaborative spaces … the fishbowl on the second floor is great because it’s lively.”

Sulla said she doesn’t want students to think the library is only for quiet study, especially on the first and second floors. She said it’s a great place to work together with your peers or even just hang out. The third and fourth floors provide more of a classic library feel, with lots of quiet study spaces that people might be looking for, according to Sulla. There are also events students can attend that will be hosted at the library.

“The events we have coming up are also exciting,” Sulla said. “At the learning commons, we’re doing a Pacific Northwest legends event series … we have a few author talks, and some speakers, and then a lot of research workshops.”

Sulla said she encourages students to check out events happening this quarter at, and that she’s excited that in-person learning and events are making a return.

“I started here this summer so it’s been really quiet since I started,” Sulla said. “I’m just excited to experience it for the first time along with the students … I’m just enjoying the energy of people being back.” 

Brooks Library is open from 7:30 a.m. until midnight Monday through Thursday, and 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Friday through Sunday. 

“The Bistro” is a large hub located behind Sue Lombard Hall and right across from Lind Hall. The café sells food, ice cream and beverages. The majority of the building is full of couches, booths and tables for students to do homework or catch up with friends between classes. 

Many clubs and organizations have meetings there as well. The Bistro is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. They will also reopen certain Thursdays at 7:30 for Open Mic Nights. Details can be found on the CWU event calendar.