Seniors say goodbye: Enjoy your time at CWU, it’s over in a flash


Kassidy Malcolm, Photo Editor

As my senior year at Central comes to an end, I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly grateful for all this school has provided for me. From meeting two of my best friends freshman year in the dorms, to pursuing a degree I’m very passionate about, to pushing myself physically and mentally as an athlete on the basketball court. Central has become a second home to me and I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I’ve gained during my time here.

Coming in as a little freshman can be very daunting. It’s the first time away from home, students are completely independent and it is a lot of responsibility to take on. But it is one of the best experiences learning how to be on your own and finding ways to make it work. 

It’s crazy looking back at freshman me to the person I have become today. Freshman me was quiet, scared to fail and unsure of who she was. Now, four years later, I have more confidence in myself, who I am and the woman I want to be. Although being scared to fail still crosses my mind, I’d rather fail trying than not trying at all because of fear. 

This time of our lives is a lot of growing, learning and figuring out what we are going to do with our future. I know I struggled at first choosing a major because the idea of doing one thing for the rest of my life scared me to death. 

Ultimately I chose a degree that doesn’t particularly tie me down to one occupation and that is what worked best for me. It’s all about following your gut and doing what is going to make you the happiest. Know that it is okay to not have it all figured out because I didn’t and if I’m being honest, I still don’t. Don’t worry about what other people are doing around you. All that matters is if you find something that you are passionate about, you go for it. 

When it comes down to it, these four years are over in a blink of an eye. I suggest you spend it doing what you love, hanging out with people who bring out the best in you and learn as much as you can because you will never get this time back. Cherish those long nights of studying, waking up for 8 a.m. classes, and for some, the hard days of practices, because one day you might just miss it dearly.