Who you gonna call? Ghost Hunters!

Joshua Smith, Staff Reporter

If there’s something strange

In your neighborhood

Who you gonna call?


The Ghost Hunters of Kittitas County, a group of individuals brought together through a mutual passion for all things paranormal, have managed to find a medium to direct their shared energies.

According to their Facebook page, the Ghost Hunters describe themselves as “a team of gifted and regular people who investigate paranormal activity in homes, businesses and areas with unexplained activity.” Gayle Dormier, a member of the team, however, describes them more simply as a good group of friends.

“We believe that the spirit world does cross over and communicate with us when they are able and willing,”  Dormier said.

Dormier had created an online ad looking for others who shared her passion for the paranormal. Finally, at the beginning of 2021 she, in addition to the rest of her team, founded the Ghost Hunters of Kittitas County. In less than six months the team has produced eight episodes with another three having been filmed and getting ready for publishing.

Jackie McNely, the team’s videographer, said, “we magically meshed really well.” 

Using a variety of tools such as EMF readers, lasers and cameras, the team works to find evidence of the unexplained. In addition to technology, however, the team also utilizes the skills of four psychics, also known as mediums.

“Tonya here is a psychic medium,” Dormier said. “She senses things a little differently from the rest of us.”

Tonya Creasman, psychic medium, was quick to retort.

“I feel like Gayle’s describing me as one of our tools,” Creasman said. “For me, I receive images, emotions, feelings, energies. When I’m channeling them I get really hot …  Normally it’s like a silent movie, I don’t really hear voices. I don’t get a lot of information through that. I can only describe what I’m seeing.”

But it’s not the same for all mediums. Creasman’s sister, also a psychic but not involved in the group, gets cold. Others, such as Laura White, a member of the Ghosthunters and a psychic medium, experiences something else entirely.

“I usually get really sick to my stomach. I feel like I’m going to throw up,” White said. “There are a lot of different things that happen that depend on the spirit themselves.”

And sometimes these spirits aren’t the most friendly. Malevolent spirits exist, according to the team, but they explained that the definition of a malevolent spirit may be different than what films depict.

“Malevolent normally comes through a non-human entity,” Creasman said. “It’s an energy more than anything. But it’s never had physical form.”

According to Dormier, a malevolent spirit may be referred to as “a shadow person.” She explained that these beings were never human, but come from another realm entirely.

“One of our mediums saw a shadow person,” Dormier said. “[The mediums] sensed that this shadow person could have been malevolent. But [the spirit] never pursued us or caused us any problems.”

The group hopes to continue their work. However, they rely on the permission of businesses and landowners to follow through on investigations. Although they do offer anonymity to the owners should they request it, the group also offers publicity for businesses that are open to it.

“We don’t get paid for this,” McNely said. “Gayle is retired, but the majority of us have day jobs. We don’t get paid for ghost hunting.” 

You can learn more about the Ghost Hunters of Kittitas County on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.