Scene: Comedy Night at CWU featured a hilarious pair


Two comedians, Andrew Rivers and Tyler Boeh, got together Friday night to put on a special show for Central Washington University students and the Ellensburg community.

Comedy Night, held in the Student Union Recreation Center Theatre, began with Rivers. His set lasted a half an hour, which focused on sarcastic and relatable humor.

Rivers’ humor was slightly self-deprecating, and referred to himself as the “loser kid with no friends” during multiple jokes.

Tyler Boeh was the headliner of the show, who utilized his beat boxing skills and his ability to throw out hilarious voices.

“His beat boxing was so sick, I really enjoyed that,” said business and finance major Daniel Kim.

Boeh’s told an assortment of jokes varying from techno songs with similar beats, to being a 100 lb. high school freshman with a lazy eye.

Boeh also joked about dopamine levels compared to methamphetamines, eating a cheeseburger, and engaging in sexual activities.

“I loved the meth and dopamine level jokes, and how happy you would get,” law and justice major Richard Miller said, “I thought all the jokes were pretty funny.”

Comedy Night ended with a standing ovation and a huge round of applause.

“I was kind of hesitant to come, but I’m glad that I came and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said education major Terry Fairchild.