Family Fun Day: Family Weekend gets a virtual rebrand for 2021

Milenne Quinonez , Staff Reporter

Campus Activities has found a new way for families and students to interact amid the pandemic. This will be the first time in campus history that family weekend will be held virtually. 

Campus Activities is inviting students and family to join Family Fun Day virtually from their homes. Family Fun Day will include a virtual 5k, scavenger hunt, virtual tours, family game show, paint social and activity package. After students sign up, they and their families will be sent a package of information with their choice of activities a few weeks after. The activity packages will be limited to the first 200 participants. 

In the activity package, students that sign up will receive materials depending on the events they choose. If they choose the virtual 5k they will be sent a runner’s bib; if it’s the paint social, they will be sent a paint kit. The packages will also include goodies such as a deck of cards, candy, stickers and things they can share with their families. 

“Family weekend” is a popular event that happens every year during Mother’s Day weekend. Families would typically travel to Ellensburg from all over the state to be with their students and participate in a fun weekend of activities.

CWU was forced to cancel the event last year. Robbi Goninan, assistant director of Campus Activities, knew families would not be able to visit campus this year, so it was decided the weekend would be rebranded for this year and called Family Fun Day. 

“We wanted to do something to make sure we are keeping that touch point with students, and students are keeping that touch point with their families,” Goninan said. 

Avery Cortinas, student programmer of Campus Activities, and Apparels Textiles and Merchandising major, said, “It’s definitely been a challenge, especially with not as many students on campus. Usually we are able to connect a lot with the on-campus community to have them come to our events.”

According to Goninan, they were trying to find activities that would be the most fun for students and families. Paint socials were events they found to be pretty successful, since they had been doing them all year. Campus Feud was another interactive activity they thought would be great with big groups or a partner, and that can be done virtually with a host. 

“Anybody’s welcome, so we would love to encourage anybody to attend any of the events and activities,” said Goninan. 

Students can still sign up if they are interested for any of the events. Students can also still pick up a paint kit to participate in the paint social or a wishlist will be provided for Amazon for those that are not on campus but still wish to participate.