Why I’m team Captain America


Kate Caviezel

For Marvel fans, there was a big debate following the movie “Captain America: Civil War,” where people chose to be either team Iron Man or team Captain America. The Avengers were divided and half of them chose the wrong side.

 In Marvel’s overview it explains that Captain America and the team’s latest mission ended with collateral damage causing the government to step in to oversee the Avengers. This political pressure, called the Sokovia Accords, split the team into two, one lead by Captain America and one lead by Iron Man, or Tony Stark.

 After I first watched this movie, I immediately wondered who could be on Iron Man’s side when Captain America is just trying to be a hero. To my surprise, many fans were on team Iron Man.

 I have always considered Captain America to be my favorite Avenger and the way he viewed the Sokovia Accords made me favor him even more.

 Captain America believed that these accords should not be signed because it would be signing away their freedom to save the world without approval from the United Nations (U.N.). This seems ridiculous because why should they need permission to save everyone.

 I completely agree with the views of Captain America, if we lived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t we want to be protected by powerful beings?

 I would not want my safety to be in the hands of the U.N. members voting whether or not the Avengers should help, especially if I was caught in the middle of a possible world-ending disaster. The government is not reliable enough when it comes to saving the world.

 The Avengers were assembled to help protect Earth and its inhabitants after realizing that there are great threats from all over the universe. Without them, the alien attack on New York prior to this movie, as well as a couple of other incidents, would have wiped out cities.

 The Sokovia Accords were created because in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, Sokovia was destroyed completely while the Avengers were trying to stop a threat. This is what made the government believe that they need to harness the Avengers’ freedom.

 The government wanted to protect the cities, but what’s a city without any people? Captain America didn’t want to be held back from a fight when he could be saving people.

 Government oversight may not seem so bad in this context, however, the U.N. could easily never put the Avengers in action ever again. It’s possible the government would not want to risk any collateral damage and retire the Avengers for good.

 The worst part of all is that Steve and Tony became good friends over the course of these movies, yet they fought against each other. They weren’t just Captain America and Iron Man who worked together.

 Rotten Tomatoes critic, Dan Buffa, described the deeper plot of the movie to be about two friends being separated by their different ideologies. The two of them viewed the state of the world differently and it tore the Avengers apart.

 It was hard for me to see Tony and Steve disagree throughout the movie. I wish Tony would have seen that the Sokovia Accords were unnecessary and that it was up to the Avengers to protect the world.

 Tony wanted to protect the world from the dangers of the members of the Avengers while Steve knew that only the Avengers would be able to protect the world from greater threats. The Sokovia Accords could not guarantee that the people in this world would be saved.

 The only way to keep the world safe was with the protection that the Avengers could provide, team Captain America is the side to be on.