CWU campus tours are back

Samuel Harris , Staff Reporter

The end of the academic year usually means one thing for universities: a sudden demand for on-campus tours with families, and this year is no different.

“The biggest difference [this year] regarding COVID [would have to be] making sure that everyone is safe,” Student Ambassador Haven Gabriel said.

According to the CWU tour website, the tour is about a mile long, so visitors should bring comfortable walking shoes. Visitors are also recommended to visit while classes are in session to see how the campus operates on a normal day. 

This year, visitors are required to wear face masks over their nose and maintain social distancing during in-person tours. 

Gabriel feels confident in her team that COVID-19 guidelines are being met to keep visitors safe. On top of the required masks and social distancing, tour routes this year will no longer include residence halls or classrooms. The tour will however include a walkthrough of one academic building.

Each tour allows up to five visiting students per tour, and each student is allowed to bring up to two guests. Visitors will be given a handout, as well as multiple emails to ensure that tours are following COVID-19 restrictions.

“Since we have gone in-person, a lot of our tours are now booked,” Gabriel said. “I think a lot of people are excited to be able to come on campus and get that experience over our virtual tours that we previously have had for winter quarter.”

Tours are offered from Tuesday through Saturday, and guests must book three days beforehand. Tours can also be accommodated for visitors with disabilities. Walk-in visitors will not be accommodated. 

More information regarding available tour dates and visit guidelines can be found on the admissions website at