Staying fit during the offseason

Simon Lafita, Sports Writer

The off-season presents the opportunity for student-athletes to relax. As tempting as it is, becoming a couch potato and avoiding workouts will result in losing the fitness you’ve built up. Remaining active throughout the offseason is important for maintaining great health as a student-athlete.

Their exercises don’t have to be anywhere near as strenuous as their usual training. Even a simple 20 minute walk can be considered a good exercise. As long as the athlete is staying regularly active they’ll be in a much better position come the start of their next season.

According to 20 of the top NCAA sports nutritionists and dietitians they believe being healthy, both physically and mentally, is a necessity for student athletes. Something they all stressed was maintaining a proper diet. “Make sure to eat a good balance of carbs and proteins. That way you’re fueling for the day,” said Kelly White, sports dietitian at Mississippi University. Eating consistently and not skipping meals will keep the body functioning properly, but choosing the right foods to consume will have an overall better health performance.

Maintaining a healthy mind is also easier than it seems. The University of Texas at Austin Counseling and Mental Health Center explains that getting good nights rest can improve academic performance. “Some people need 6 to 9 hours [of sleep] to feel wide awake and function at their peak level.” 

Being a student-athlete can be difficult, having to balance academics, practices and a social life are all tedious. However, by being an overall healthy person can alleviate the stress of being a student-athlete