Women’s rugby to face Life University at home tomorrow

Isaiah Salevao, Staff Reporter

Women’s rugby is coming off a win against Life University, the same team they will be facing in tomorrow’s upcoming match.

Mikayla Roberts

The lady wildcats are looking to win against Life University again in order to advance into the next round of playoffs. Seniors Mikayla Roberts, Jherish Moananu, and Spencer Boltd know what it takes to win in big games and are ready to lead their team to another victory.

Junior fullback Roberts said their last victory against Life University “was a sigh of relief.” She said the victory felt amazing because they had lost to Life University many times in the past. Roberts said their focus for the upcoming match is being better on their attack and cleaning up the little things on defense as it was their strong suit when they defeated Life University for the first time. 

Roberts said the team is very confident with where they are at right now mentally and physically, and they couldn’t be more prepared for tomorrow’s game. The players stayed after practice to put extra work in. They want to limit mistakes and make sure everyone on the team is on the same page.  

Jherish Moananu

Senior center Moananu said the victory against Life University was very emotional as she was very proud of her team going into a game where all odds were against them and still managing to come out with a victory. 

“The focus on the upcoming game is to perfect our game play knowing Life’s strengths and weaknesses,” Moananu said.

The team’s energy and mindset are set on perfecting their craft, they want to prove to themselves that every morning workout and late nights of film was all worth it. 

Moananu said she is proud to lead her team onto the field as they’ve fought through many battles together as a family on the field but also off the field as well by dealing with being in a bubble because of COVID-19.

Graduate student and scrum half Boltd said she saw the first win against Life University as a weight lifted off their shoulders. Although the team struggled, the players were able to stay disciplined and squeeze the win out.

Spencer Boltd

According to Spencer, the wildcats want to dominate all areas of the contact point and make their physical presence on the field be known.

“Defense wins games so that’s our main focus,” Spencer said.

Spencer said she praises her teammates for stepping up and coming into the season with a growth mindset. Losing a lot of seniors from last year made this team young but they were able to come together and make a lot of sacrifices to be successful on the field, according to Spencer. 

Fans are still not allowed but can watch the game live at noon on FTFNEXT.COM.