The best celebrity boxer

Simon Lafita, Columnist

With a new boxing record of three wins and zero losses, Jake Paul solidified himself as the best celebrity boxer.

Saturday, April 17, Paul, the social media celebrity who’s most known for his YouTube career, knocked out retired MMA fighter, Ben Askren, proving to the world that his athleticism and potential for boxing are at an all time high.

During the fight, Paul launched a clean right into the chin of Askren sending him plummeting into the canvas. Askren stumbling on his feet, the referee waves off the match declaring that he was ineligible to continue fighting.

Winning in the first round, Paul has now shown the world that his boxing skills are pro quality. With his natural athleticism anyone could easily compare him to a sponge because of how well he soaked in the fundamentals of boxing.

Although Pauls’ boxing career consists of many mediocre fights: one whitecollar fight against British YouTuber Deji, one fight against YouTuber AnEsonGib, another fight against former NBA star Nate Robinson and his most recent fight against Askren. In all fights he showcased his impressive skills as a boxer. Three out of four of his matches he won by technical knockout (TKO) and his one infamous knockout win has been commemorated as a meme.

Defeating a professional fighter by TKO meant great news for his former opponents. They no longer have to feel embarrassed about losing to an obnoxious, over the top, trash-talking ex-disney star. Instead they can shake off the loss as an unfair matchup between a pro and an amateur.

This is just the beginning of Paul’s impressive boxing career. He’s bound to earn more fights because of his social media presence as well as his aggressive behavior. For instance, British professional boxer, Tommy Fury, issued a direct challenge to the upcoming boxing star.

“I’m ready to give the people what they want @jakepaul,” Fury tweeted.

Paul has officially been accepted as a real boxing opponent. Despite having a flimsy career within the sport Paul is becoming a major attraction. 

The young social media star has made a name for himself within the boxing community and is becoming more infamous as the best celebrity boxer.