Geoffrey Odoch Feature

Sean Bessette, Assistant News Editor

Accessibility, equity and accountability:, that is the platform Executive Vice President candidate Geoffrey Odoch is running on.

“Accessibility to clubs, accessibility to organizations, and maybe even faculty, to the resources that they use to better students’ lives is one of the things that I hope to strive for,” Odoch said.

He stressed the need for equitable resource distribution and holding those accountable when it is necessary.

Odoch is 25, is a business student and is from Uganda.

“Coming here as an African student who, you know, some may belittle and some may think is probably not worth it leading this institution is a big mistake,” Odoch said.

Odoch is running for the position unopposed. He said it would be exciting to have someone to go against.

“Going unopposed is, you know, good probably for the sense that you don’t have a competitor, but me as a business student, I enjoy a little bit of competition,” Odoch said.

The first of two ASCWU virtual debates kicks off tonight, April 14, at 6 p.m. Odoch is preparing for the debates by staying informed on the news happening around campus while also learning as much as he can about the Executive Vice President position every day. 

Odoch said a requirement of the position is being able to put people on committees. He emphasized this as an opportunity to showcase diversity. He sees diversity as more than just skin color, but also as a chance to display “diversity of knowledge, diversity of experience and diversity of what they can really bring to the table.”

Odoch brings a variety of experiences to the position. In high school, Odoch served as student body president. He’s been an accounting intern and has experience in finances and decision-making. He’s a College of Business Senator and said he has years of experience listening to students. He believes this experience will come in handy.

On the ASCWU Student Government website, the position description reads, “Vice Chair and voting member of the Board; must serve 19 hours/week; provide a budget forecast each Fall; oversee committee and appointments; provide a monthly summary of monetary activity; sit on the S&A Committee; take minutes if the office staff is unavailable.”

The second of two ASCWU virtual debates will take place next Wednesday, April 14, at 6 p.m. Online voting for the general election will open at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 23, and will conclude on Tuesday, April 27, at 5 p.m.