Dr. D: From teaching to TikTok

Jackson Sorensen, Staff Reporter

David Douglas, or “Dr. D” as he is better known on campus and online, is a senior lecturer in the ITAM department and has been part of CWU for nine years. He went to Pierce Community College, received his undergraduate and master’s degrees here at CWU and earned his doctorate at Capella University. 

Douglas recently joined TikTok. He posted his first TikTok on Dec. 10. He currently has 18.1 thousand followers on TikTok and a video from Feb. 15 with over 1 million views. 

“I hit 10,000 followers on Saturday and I’m at 18,000 today,” Douglas said. “My videos are family-based and I want people to feel happy and encouraged when they watch my videos.”

David Douglas

What people might not know about Douglas is that he is an advocate for substance and mental health recovery. He is on this path because he used to have issues with substance abuse. 

“I want people to know that I’m a bright and shiny example of the result of access to resources to find a life in recovery from substance use disorders,” Douglas said. “I want people to have that same access.” 

Douglas uses Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as his three main social media platforms. That was before his son encouraged him to get onto TikTok. Douglas said that when he is on TikTok he can just be himself.

“My personal Instagram page is kinda all over the place. That’s why I like TikTok. I can just be myself and I can really express my character,” Douglas said. “My Dr. David Douglas page on Instagram is full of inspirational quotes and one-minute videos.”

Douglas returns to the phrase “tap into your inner potential” often. He said his videos are meant to give his audience hope and will allow them to tap into their potential.

“My content is family-based, with my wife and I, and people love our dogs. My content is also hope-based. Hope that people who suffer from substance use or mental health find hope within themselves and find the resources to tap into their inner potential,” Douglas said.

Douglas said he experienced substance abuse issues at the age of 29. He said he couch surfed and was completely addicted to drugs. He is going to start blogging all month about his life including various experiences and his childhood. He didn’t do this before because his mom was alive and he didn’t want her to feel guilty about what he has gone through. 

“I lived a crazy childhood and I’m writing about that. Writing about my experiences as a child and into adulthood have really made me, in positive ways now, who I am today,” Douglas said.

Douglas lives by many many mottos and words of wisdom. He tells people to be themselves and to choose who you receive and give information to. He also pushes the need of being strategic, creating a plan and then executing that plan. 

“If people don’t like you for you, then they don’t need to be in your circle of influence. Stay connected to those people that will love and support you and that is how you will start to positively influence others and yourself,” Douglas said.