CWU’s pool opens for the first time in nearly a calendar year

Gabriel Strasbaugh, Staff Reporter

If the snow and ice was not enough water for the students of CWU, the pool has reopened for the first time since COVID-19 hit the university last March. Located in the Aquatics Center at 1699, 1601 N Walnut St, the CWU pool plays host to three different class periods during winter quarter. 

According to the pool section of CWU’s website, the pool is a fun environment for students to learn how to swim, improve techniques, increase conditioning and learn the process of becoming a certified lifeguard. Prior to the shutdown, the pool was open to students at any time fit for them. 

According to Aquatics Supervisor Debbie Nethery, the pool is now only slated for PE classes and classes specifically for swimming. Usually featuring lap swimming. 

“This is the first quarter since the shut down in March, that the students are able to resume their activities such as lap swimming,” Nethery said. 

Nethery said that she and the aquatics center have in a way, been lucky with keeping COVID-19 at bay. 

“Everything that is in the water, is cleaned by the water and the chlorine,” Nethery said. 

Nethery said all students and faculty are still required to enter the facilities wearing a mask and must continue to wear one unless they are in the water spaced out. 

“A monitored numbers basis and we are allowed to have no more than 20 people in the pool at a time,” Nethery said. 

Some students found the pool to be a place to unwind after classes. Now, the only access to the pool is for students who are enrolled in winter quarter swimming courses or if you have been verified with the Recreation Center prior to entering. 

“This is the first quarter the Recreation Center has set up and allowed lap swimming,” Nethery said. 

With spring quarter around the corner, Nethery said CWU is slated to add a fourth class during the quarter to get more students involved. 

“It will be interesting to see if it increases for spring just with the knowledge they have and with the vaccine and everything,” Nethery said.  

Psychology major Lizz Swanson said the amenities of the pool are what attracted her to go for a dip. 

“The fact that it had diving boards open to the public was really cool that we got to use them,” Swanson said. 

According to Swanson, many of the other pools she has been accustomed to have not provided the same availability of activities, such as a diving board. 

“A lot of pools that do have diving boards, you can only use them for a specific time, or you had to be a part of the swim teams there,” Swanson said.

For students looking to set up a time to enjoy the water, reservations for a spot can be found on the Recreation Center’s website.