Campus Activities: student created and student led

Jackson Sorensen, Staff Reporter

Campus Activities has been adapting to the constant changes surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic since last March. The events displayed on social media are student created ideas and are student led.

Robbi Goninan, a CWU Alumni, is the Assistant Director of Campus Activities.

“We haven’t forgotten about the students. I miss seeing them come up with different ideas that will bring in their friends and their roommates,” Goninan said. “I am really hoping to start planning outside events.”

Goninan wants to start planning outdoor events for the spring and fall quarters, hoping government guidelines will allow her to. She said students will love to start being able to have some social interactions.

At these outdoor events, Goninan said facial coverings and social distancing would still be enforced.

“A problem that we predict is that the attendance requirements will fill up quickly so how do we offer this event to those who aren’t able to view it in person? We will offer it virtually, although not ideal,” Goninan said.

Goninan said these events coming up will be bigger and better than ever. She has been putting on Creature Make and Take events. A kit is assembled with all of the materials required for the event, students scan their connection card and they take the kit home. Students can choose to follow along via Zoom or they can do it on their own time.

Drew Carter is the Assistant Director of Operations and is also a CWU Alumni.

“I am the guy that makes sure that everyone is safe and that we are keeping the right amount of people in the SURC,” Carter said. “I also handle more of the technical stuff now.

Robbi’s team creates these ideas for events and my team handles more of the technical part of the events.”

Carter and Goninan are both passionate about their student staff. Since the student staff was promised a year’s worth of work, they were kept busy so that they wouldn’t lose their jobs.

“A challenge that I can see coming in the future is ‘how do we turn the ballroom into a hybrid experience?’ Once we are able, we would want to have a live studio audience, but also cater to those who want to watch it from home,” Carter said. “Once we can start planning post-COVID events, these events will be bigger and better than ever. The first-years coming in will be so excited, but so will all of the other students.”

Carter mentioned how incredible his team was at thinking outside of the box. He tasked his team with coming up with a backdrop layout that he had never seen before. He said that because the ballroom is not in use every day anymore, he and his team are able to experiment with new ideas. The backdrop that is behind the host was created, designed and put up by students.

“We are a pedestal for the students and their ideas. We are a hand in the operation. They take care of everything and we are here if they need us,” Carter and Goninan both said.

For more information on upcoming events, make sure to follow @cwucampusactivities on Instagram or @cwucampus on Twitter.