Intramural sports works to add new game night specials


Shana Kessler

Max Riseham and he hosts trivia and intramural sports other shows.

Ondrea Machin, Staff Reporter

Trivia Night is held bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings on Twitch, and the intramural staff have been working on different ideas to add more interactive games to their Twitch channel. A few of the options they have discussed include Jeopardy and mock Family Feud. They have also discussed adding non-gaming options as well.

Intramural Sports and Special Events Coordinator Shana Kessler said these events are still in the works and they are still troubleshooting how it will look. As of right now, there is a max of six participants for a lot of the games so that is one thing being worked out.

But once the kinks are worked out, the games will be run like the Trivia Night and will take place on alternate weeks of Trivia. Students participate by clicking on the screen and or by using the chat.

“Either way all of it will be viewable, watchable and with audience participation in some way, shape, or form through Twitch,” Kessler said.

In development are Call of Duty, Mario Cart and Among Us which offer a large multiplayer gaming option. Kessler said they are working on a talk show option as well because many students prefer to watch and enjoy the comedic host.

“Which would give people an opportunity to not only watch these games you play, if that’s what strikes their fancy, but to also get students participating in our E-sports program more,” Kessler said.

Kessler said intramural sports is always open to suggestions for more interactive games to add to their Twitch channel as well.