Veteran women’s lacrosse players look to spread love of the game


Left to right: Anna Peebles, Sydney Erwin, Sydney Copland, Kaylee Lucas

Dakaline White, Staff Reporter

Last year, the women’s club lacrosse team played all but two of their games before the season abruptly ended due to COVID-19. This season, the club is holding practices but have no scheduled games, and has found a new focus of increasing participation and interest. There have not been any in person club fairs giving the lacrosse club opportunity to recruit new members.

Senior Midfield and Secretary Sydney Erwin’s lacrosse career was over without warning. 

“It was a little disappointing because we only had two or three games left in the season and I didn’t know that we wouldn’t have a season this year,” Erwin said. 

Even though she will be graduating this spring, Erwin said she is still participating in practices this year because it gives her a fun activity to do aside from grocery shopping and working during the pandemic.

“Honestly I just want to take advantage of my final year of playing it even if I might not actually be getting on the field playing it, my goal is to have fun with practice,” Erwin said. “Since we don’t have a lot of people on the team, I want to encourage girls to come out and learn the game and have fun.”

Sophomore Attack and Vice President Anna Peebles said she was upset at first when she found out last season was canceled. 

“Looking back, I’m glad that it was canceled so we didn’t have to risk any of our health,” Peebles said. 

Being in only her second of four years on the team, Peebles has two more years of lacrosse to prepare for. 

“We have a lot of girls on our team that have never played before and they just wanted to try something new,” Peebles said. “I think it is really important, at least for me, to try and increase attendance at practice and this year we are really just focusing on figuring out how to play the game if you have never played before or strengthening your game if you have played before and just really developing that love for the game.” 

Peebles said the club does have extra gear available if students want to come out and see if lacrosse is something that they might want to take part in. 

Using this time to prepare for next season, Peebles has set goals for herself and the club. 

“This year I really hope to get 5 new people to love the game as much as I do,” Peebles said. “Although they might not have the experience necessarily, but I would really love to make sure that our members and teammates are really into it so next year we won’t even have to skip a beat and we will already know what we are doing.”

Right now, the club is starting the process of electing a new board in preparation for next season.