Intramural sports stays virtual this winter


CWU recreation center

Student’s playing basketball inside the Recreation Center while being socially distant.

Ondrea Machin, Staff Reporter

Although COVID-19 has restricted on-campus activities, intramural sports are following COVID-19 protocols and offering virtual events this winter.

There are several events planned for this quarter, including esports, trivia nights on Twitch, the Hydration Challenge, Wildcat Fit Challenge and the indoor Ironman. 

The Recreation Center has plans to offer in-person events as well, but Intramural Sports and Special Events Coordinator Shanna Kessler said that, depending on what phase the county is in, those events are still in the process of being approved. 

“Each quarter since the pandemic so far we have had the opportunity to learn as we go and then reflect back on what worked and what didn’t,” Kessler said.

In past winters, the Recreation Center has been able to interact with students on campus through tabling events at the SURC. This year, the Recreation Center is using social media platforms such as Instagram @cwurecreation, Discord and Twitch to interact with students and get them involved.

Senior and Intramural Manager Spencer Dalvell said that the Recreation Center is finding new ways to get students to interact with each other, since COVID-19 affects in-person events. 

“As we’ve been able to have a couple quarters to experience what it’s like with [COVID-19], we’re figuring out some new things to kinda introduce and try to expand upon what we already have,” Dalvell said.

Senior Intramural Sports Supervisor Madison Fritts said the Recreation Center staff offers several online portals for different levels of fitness. The gym is taking reservations, and the Recreation Center is offering different programs for people who prefer to stay inside or find the gym intimidating.

“Getting people involved in some kind of activity is really beneficial for mental health, since we are stuck inside all the time and sitting behind our computers all day,” Fritts said.

Fritts oversees the Hydrate and Wildcat Fit Challenges. These events are virtual and at our own pace with health professionals to help people along the way.

Kessler said that the staff is highly prepared to enforce COVID-19 policies and handle conflict and help people understand what is going on.

All intramural sports, except the indoor Ironman, have no fees or cost to participate due to the financial circumstances of each student being different.  For some students, it is a difficult time financially.