Football team announces signing of top recruit Jarred Francis


CWU Athletics

Top recruit from Team IMPACT, Jarred Francis (middle) signed with CWU football for 2021.

Sean Bessette, Staff Reporter

Football has signed a new star player. On Oct. 16, the team announced the signing of Jarred Francis, a 2021 top recruit from Team IMPACT.

Team IMPACT is a non-profit organization located in Boston, Massachusetts with the goal to “improve the quality of life for children facing serious and chronic illnesses through the power of teams, forming life-long bonds, and life-changing outcomes,” according to 

Francis currently attends Morgan Middle School in Ellensburg and is from Aberdeen, Washington, according to

“He’s got a good demeanor about him. He’s got a joy for a lot of things, a great smile, he loves his mama and just really enjoys what we’re doing here,” football head coach Chris Fisk said about his first impressions of Francis.

Defensive line coach Grant Torgerson knew this signing was going to be beneficial for everyone based on his first impressions of Francis.

“I could tell first impression wise that this was going to be an awesome thing not only for him but for our football team,” Torgerson said.

Offensive coordinator Zach Tinker echoed similar praise about the addition of Francis.

“He’s someone who’s adding value to the program and he’s already had a good impact on several of the guys on the team,” Tinker said. “He brings energy to our players.”

Tinker said Francis has faced a lot of adversity and it serves as a good reminder to the players of all of the good they have in their lives.

“I think he’s an inspiration to the guys in that way,” Tinker said.

Additionally, Fisk recognized this signing as an opportunity to do something bigger than the game of football.

“It gives us a chance to give back to the community and teach some really valuable life lessons,” Fisk said. “When you’re out on the field and you see the guys interact with Jarred, he’s giving back just as much to us as we’re giving to him.” 

Torgerson also shared that Francis’ signing is about being an inspiration to others.

“I think we always talk about that playing football is about being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself and I think Jarred is a great example of that,” Torgerson said.

Fisk noted the importance of giving back to the community and welcomed the idea of doing more things like this in the future. 

“As we send our players into life and they become men, husbands and fathers, the lesson of giving back to your community is huge,” Fisk said.

Fisk said the process of signing Francis started in the spring when they got a letter from Team IMPACT.