Students clue in on the best food on campus

Jared Galanti, Staff Reporter

For many students who live on campus the choice for what they want to eat on a particular day has many options. Through experience students have found the best places to eat on campus.

Whether that’s going up to the north part of campus and enjoying Panda Express and the wonderful treats of North Cafe or eating in the SURC, students have plenty of options to fill their bellies with the tastiest of meals.

Ashley Castro, an undeclared sophomore who ate on campus for one year said her two favorite things to eat were the paninis and the pizza that is served at the SURC.

“I really liked it because they had different vegetables on the side and for the panini they put a lot of different condiments in it,” Castro said.

Castro said her favorite panini was the pesto panini with chicken, mayonnaise and vegetables that include green peppers and onions. 

She also said her favorite pizza toppings included spinach, green peppers, tomatoes and sometimes onions.

Jillian Schutz, a junior film major who ate on campus for two years, had a slightly different answer when it came to her favorite meal on campus. 

Schutz said she really enjoyed the pasta served at the SURC the most.

“The variety of options were all decent and they were the best tasting to me out of all the places in the SURC,” Schutz said.

Schutz said she would order a combination of marinara and alfredo sauce together with a chicken topping to create what she would call a “creamy marinara.”

She also said Panda Express would’ve possibly been in her top places to eat had it been at CWU her freshman year.

“Panda wasn’t here my freshman year so that was kind of a new thing for me my sophomore year,” Schutz said. 

Noah Gillespie, a junior majoring in secondary history education, had one full year of having a Connection Card and eating on campus when friends would swipe for him.

Gillespie said his favorite thing to eat on campus were the grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato tots served at North Cafe. 

He said his second favorite thing to eat were the sandwiches served in the SURC. 

He said the reason for that is they were nice, refreshing meals compared to the other options available at the SURC such as the hamburgers and pizza. 

Gillespie’s third favorite thing to eat were the chicken strips because according to him, “you can never go wrong with chicken strips everyday.” 

When asked how students who don’t necessarily like the on-campus food get through an entire school year on it, Gillespie said variety helps.

“I would say to not eat one thing repeatedly,” Gillespie said. “I know my freshman year I ate chicken strips everyday, but if you were to switch it up between pizza, a sandwich and then chicken strips and rotate through things and not have stuff repeatedly it would probably get less old.”