You should try owning a pet at some point in your lifetime

Ty Mcphee, Columnist

Yes, I know pets aren’t for everyone but please just hear me out.

Spring 2020, home alone with no one but my family cat for company. I would spend my lunch time with him to actually chat and relax with mentally. 

He’s not my first cat either, he’s my fourth. 

Cats have been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and they’re the kind of animal that suits my needs and my lifestyle perfectly.

I live very much like them, only really being active when it’s in my favor and relaxing for most of the day, that’s what my cat does too. 

Recently he’s been choosing to sleep on my lap during this quarter since I’m home and the weather has been cooling down. 

It’s nice to feel him purr on my lap and feel him twitch when he dreams and reminds me to just take it easy 

I know that as a kid I always wanted a dog but knew it wouldn’t work with my two cats, and I know that  my dad wouldn’t be convinced to have one because he also grew up with cats his whole life too.

Dogs, rats, birds, chinchillas, axolotls, turtles and vinegaroons. There are so many different pets that can fit any different kind of lifestyle you could possibly think of. 

That, and there are so many different kinds of subspecies. 

Want a pet that you can have and take it with you on runs? Get a Husky. 

Want a pet that looks cute and is super soft? A bunny. 

Want a pet that is a dog but isn’t actually a dog but is really a cat? Get a Maine Coon cat. 

According to the National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association, in 2019-2020, 85 million families in the United States own a pet (or 67%).

Getting a furry friend or even a scaly one can be fun and a great way to destress and make sure that your sanity isn’t dropping like a rollercoaster. 

My girlfriend got a dog when she was younger to help with her anger issues and she got another to help with her depression a couple years ago. 

I know that emotional support animals require a lot of training but can quite literally be a life saver in some instances. 

I thought about getting an emotional support cat after seeing someone on campus with one but passed knowing how much time I spend jumping to and from places to hang out.

CWU offered goat yoga and even Paws and Relax before finals, and with COVID-19, people aren’t able enjoy that opportunity they’d normally get.

Now allergies are one of the huge arguments I’m sure people will point out when they say they can’t get a pet and that’s totally acceptable. 

I’m allergic to peanuts so I try my best to avoid them any way I can. 

But there are pets that you can find that don’t trigger a bothersome stuffy nose or itchy skin.

What if I’m not home to be with my pet all the time, you ask? Fish are a great pet for you. 

Auto feeders and water filtration systems make taking care of a fish so much easier and less stressful on your end. 

You will still have to make sure there’s food for the auto feeder and to make sure the tank is being cleaned properly but it shouldn’t take up a large chunk of your attention.

Dogs are man’s best friend and we’ve been worshiping cats for ages. 

It could be why we’ve made it so far and advanced as a species, because of our pets.