Playing by Housing rules

Ryan Nakamura, Staff Reporter

Residence halls have seen fewer residents as a result of CWU’s decision to have all available dorm rooms functioning as single residence spaces.

Alice Verona, a senior computer science major who was an RHA coordinator with Housing until the layoffs, was eager to share her experience with the safety measures put into place for Resident Advisers (RAs) and housing staff.

Verona said that in theory having students wear masks in common areas, maintaining social distance and minimizing visitors are well thought-out restrictions. 

However, due to RAs having to be concerned with their own safety as well, the restrictions are incredibly difficult to properly enforce. 

“Well for one thing all housing meetings are online now, less exposure time, I guess. Better safe and a little annoyed than sick though,” Verona said

While the forum had changed, the structure beneath has remained more or less the same, with meetings still taking place and discussions of the same general topics albeit now online instead of face to face.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Wendell Hill Hall B the response from CWU was swift, taking note of the severity of the situation at hand. All Wendell B residents and staff were required to be tested for the virus, and the hall is locked down until negative test results come in according to the CWU website.

Pat Jones, an undeclared freshman, said that restrictions seem more relaxed than expected. He’d expected students would be under fairly strict regulations 

“This is my first year on campus so I could be wrong, but other than just the obvious stuff, you know, masks and all that stuff … I can’t actually tell if there are any restrictions in place,” Jones said

An anonymous RA in Housing wanted to set the record straight and explain housing and RAs are working as well as they are able to. 

“We’re working ourselves to the bone. It was difficult enough at the start of the term when we were still more or less feeling things out. Now though? After all the layoffs it’s a miracle that anyone is able to enforce restrictions. We’re doing what we can in housing and the RAs are doing what they are able to,” the source said.

The Residence Hall guide for the 2020-21 school year has very little to say in regard to any restrictions, with only one paragraph on the coronavirus and what students who contract COVID-19 are to do.

“Residents determined to have contracted or to have been exposed to the virus may be required to be isolated or quarantined in accordance with applicable public health guidelines or directives. CWU reserves the right to adjust or cancel housing assignments and contracts as may be necessary to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection,” the guide reads.